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Have you been searching all over San Angelo, TX for a public school with high academic achievement standards that also promotes a safe school environment? A place that will allow for improved learning opportunities, and that offers help with overcoming daily challenges? Have you given serious thought or consideration to a charter school? 

A charter school is a safe and independent school that's organized by teachers, parents and the community. It's also publicly funded. If you are interested in sending your child to an amazing public school, where they can enjoy a high level of tuition-free involvement, it may be time to discover what the TLC Academy is all about!

The TLC Academy is the newest and most innovative charter school and public school in the state. Located in San Angelo, TX, the Texas Leadership Charter Academy (TLCA) invites parents and children to discover educational growth in a new light.  This charter school provides a safe school environment and strives to bring out the leader in each student. Your child will develop great character traits while obtaining strong academic skills. The TLC staff emphasizes the 5E Instructional Model in an effort to educate “the whole person.”

TLC is a different kind of charter school.

Safe School San Angelo, TX

The TLC Academy takes the best elements of a public school and a charter school and combines them into a unique experience. They have developed a nuanced and thoughtful curriculum that has grown out of single, central idea: that each student has the potential to become a leader. This charter school is dedicated to the individual growth of each student as a learner and as a person, and that shines through in everything they do.

TLC Academy is a tuition-free school, which makes their safe school environment accessible to anyone. And as a public school, any student can apply for admission to their program. Wouldn't you have more peace of mind as a parent knowing that your child spends his or her days at a safe, supportive and encouraging environment like TLC Academy?

We're your model charter public school.

We are a model of what a charter school can be. Our instruction model emphasizes a low student-teacher ratio, in which highly qualified instructors can work one-on-one with students in order to get to know them as human beings. We strongly believe in cultivating not just academic achievement, but character as well. We invite parents to participate in this process as much as possible. Together, we can raise the next generation of leaders in San Angelo, TX and beyond.

The TLC Academy offers the CSCOPE curriculum set to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards, developed by a consortium of Regional Service Centers. Your child will be educated in a variety of different areas, growing not only as a scholar but as a person as well.

For more information on how to enroll your child in this premier charter school in San Angelo, TX, visit our website. While there, you can also read more about the curriculum offered at TLC Academy, their athletics program, parent and student involvement, the meal program and their different campuses. Parents looking to get involved with the public school practices and programs can visit the website for a list of PIA (Parents In Action) phone numbers under the Parent/Student tab.

Public School San Angelo, TX

What makes TLCA a safe school?

Our students and staff spend an enormous amount of time at our institution, both learning and doing extracurricular activities. We are dedicated to making TLC Academy a safe school environment for everyone! We integrate this goal into everything we do.

 Our curriculum is designed to not only educate our students, but to encourage leadership on the individual level. For TLCA, great leadership means teaching our students to make constructive choices that positively impact their lives, as well as the lives of their family members and their community at large. We promote an enhanced level of self-expectation in each and every one of our students which leads to safe choices, safe spaces and a safe school.

Many people are new to the idea of enrolling their child into a charter school, but it is a promising start to a beneficial and rewarding future.  The TLC Academy is an open enrollment public school and charter school, designed to inspire leadership, character, responsibility, and success. This is a very safe school in  San Angelo, TX for your child to obtain these invaluable traits. There is a leader in all of us; call TLC Academy today to find out how your child can become a leader at this premiere Texas charter school!

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TLC Academy is a different kind of public school. This charter school is founded on the philosophy that improving student learning and choice helps to build leaders and develop character. Their curriculum creates professional opportunities for teachers excited by the education they offer their students. They're dedicated to establishing a new form of accountability when it comes to public schools that will allow them to encourage different and innovative learning methods.

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